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Amazing Program

School Chapters

Student Members

School Chapters

Amazing Program

What we do

See how we’re helping in Halton!




Want to code an app? Trying to build your own website? Want to learn more technical skills? We’ve got you covered, with lessons and courses at our chapters and workshops throughout the year.




Network with professionals in fields your interested in, we’re always inviting experts to our events. Who knows? Maybe you could even get a job.




Network with professionals in fields your interested in, we’re always inviting experts to our events. Who knows? Maybe you could even get a job.



Step into the shoes of a startup company’s CEO and compete in our annual tech entrepreneurship competition!  You’ll also get the chance to learn about the journey of startup companies right here in Halton!

Upcoming Events

Policy In Technology

Bring your friends & best ideas to compete in TU20’s AI case competition. Grand prize of $1500!

TU20 Cup - An Entrepreneurship Competition

Join Silicon Halton’s and TU20’s multi-month event for anyone 20 years or younger. Design a prototype! Pitch your product! Win great prizes! Help design the future!

TU20 Chapters

Get involved with TU20 right from your school! Learn about what TU20 does and get taught essential tech-related skills. Building websites, designing a prototype, pitching to investors and more!

Learn2GetHired - Get Employed

Interested in working doing what you love? Come learn what it takes and where to go to land a job in the tech sector. Then pitch your skills to get hired by employers in the area in two packed nights.

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University Ready

Need help on your path to post-secondary?

University Applications

“How can I make my university application better?”

If you’re in grade 12, you’ll probably ask yourself this question several times. TU20 has the answer: community involvement. So, how do you get involved?

We host several competitions in tech, business, and entrepreneurship that you can attend in order to show proof of your passion and dedication to your interests. You can also come to our workshops and school chapters throughout the year to learn skills like marketing yourself, designing a website, coding and more. Some of our members have gone to well-renown programs, such as Mechatronics & Software Engineering at Waterloo, Computer Science & Computer Engineering at U of T and more!

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University Guidance

“What’s university life like? How much is the workload? How do I know which university to apply to? How do I know which program to study?”

At our University Guidance series, we answer all these questions and more, courtesy of people currently in university. We’ve had students from U of T, Western and Waterloo join us to talk about their experience and answer any questions you might have. See when we’ll be running our series next here.

We host the series on our Discord server, click here to join.

Job Ready

Our members have worked in some of Canada’s and the US’s top companies!


Knowing people in the industry is key to starting your career of choice. Whether it be getting a summer job, doing co-op in university, or after finishing post-secondary, networking is your most powerful tool in getting employed where you want to.

We always make sure to invite experts from the industry in order to give you the chance to meet and connect with people in the fields you’re interested in. After all, it’s not about what you know, but who you know that’s important


We like to think that it’s never too early to start following your passion and developing your interests. So of course we make sure those opportunities are available.

Have an innovative idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? You’re not alone. See how young students turned their creative solutions into finished projects over the summer in our TU20 Fellowships program.

 Can’t wait to start your dream job? Why wait? If you’ve got the skills, then come to our Learn 2 Get Hired event in May. We’ll teach you how to market yourself and stand out to employers, then connect you with startups in Halton looking to hire young students over the summer.

What Our Members Have To Say

I am very glad that I joined TU20 this year. Through it, I have gained valuable skills, experience and connections that helped me obtain a high school co-op job placement at MTechHub. I am grateful for what I’ve learned and the person I’ve grown into – thanks to TU20.

Laila, Summer 2018

I am very happy with my personal growth over the past year and TU20 was a large contributing factor. It gave me the experience and tools I needed to further develop myself for the future. Perhaps most importantly, it gave me several valuable connections that helped me land a high-tech job at Geotab for this summer.

Mohammed, Summer 2017

TU20 has been critical in assisting me as I’ve been advancing in my career and education. From finding an internship, to connecting with local leaders and executives, to creating new initiatives, TU20 has been there to support me as my goals and needs have evolved. It’s rare for a student organization to support you through the evolution from participant to leader and I really value this experience.

Denys, Summer 2018

The skills, networking, and experience I gained from being a part of Tech Under 20 has given me a competitive advantage as I prepare to enter the modern job market.

Griffin, Summer 2016

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We are a supportive and helpful tech/business community of youth under the age of 20. We are a division of Silicon Halton
– the grassroots technology community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in Halton.