Whether you’re working on your resume or heading into a job interview, the one question that you’ll have to address is what skills you possess that will make you stand out to an employer. If you haven’t  taken the time to analyze your skill set, this question can be difficult to answer.


Remember that you’re not alone, as even the great visionaries of our time like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs have had to answer this question. It might be hard to be introspective about what makes you a valuable asset; luckily, we’re here to help with 7 job skills that do not actually require any skill, and you might already have.


1. Timeliness  



Importance: This is a crucial skill because it tells the employer that you respect their time (since they’re paying you). This is also something that’s easy to master. You can make the most of tools like your phone’s alarm and calendar to ensure that you’re always on time.  


Tools to help: Time management applications like Focus Booster or Mind 42

2. Energy

Importance:  You probably know from experience what a difference a high energy environment can make to the productivity of any workplace. Market yourself as a highly productive, enthusiastic team member by approaching any any project with a glass half full attitude. Positivity is infectious and can have an impact on everyone involved, and is the kind of thing that shows through in your attitude when being interviewed.

If this is something you need to work on, try a simple exercise like saying one positive affirmation a day. Whether it is simply complimenting yourself for getting a task done or for surviving a hard day. This will start a habit of thinking positively.


Tools to help: Happify allows you to track your goals and see the more positive side of life.

3. Effort 

Importance: Employers want to hire people who will give them results. Show them that you’re the kind of person who puts in your all, and highlight when you showed your ability to flex this skill. This can be something simple like getting good grades, or quantitative like coming up with ways to increase sales at work. Remember to set the tone early because first impressions do matter.


If you’re struggling with effort because of procrastination, here are a few techniques to help you defeat procrastination.       


4. Work Ethic


Importance: Employers want a hard working, focused employee. To some having a strong work ethic can seem like something that you’re born with, but the reality is that these factors like being goal oriented, being focused or setting a rewards system can be practiced to the point where they essentially become second nature.   

5. Coachability

Importance: This skill may require a little more work to achieve, but if you can easily accept advice, you will grow into a better person for it. Learning from industry professionals can be exactly what you need to further your development, and employers are looking for people who want to grow. If you’re looking for ways to become more coachable, start by taking a step back from the feedback and remember this person is just trying to ensure that you’re putting out the best product.

 6. Preparedness

Importance: This is a “skill” that most HR professionals have mentioned to be a sure fire way to move on to the next steps of the hiring process, and it’s going to be evident to them during the interview process whether or not you’re prepared. Here are our tips on how to ace that job interview!


7. Sending a thank you


Importance: The one thing that often gets lost in the fast moving hiring process is that recruiters are people too. Sending a thank you email after an interview can make a huge difference, as it shows appreciation for their time. Simply put together a thank you email and schedule it the day after an interview.


Tools to help: Boomerang should help you schedule that thank you email, without you having to schedule it within your calendar.


Take a minute to assess yourself and see if you are putting these skills into practice. If not, remember that it is never too late to acquire these skills.  When you’re ready to showcase some of your talents to your next employer, check out Univjobs.ca