TU20 Case Competition

November 23, 2019 | 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM | TechPlace, Burlington


The TU20 Case Competition is a one-day event that offers students a unique opportunity to explore the biggest issues today’s tech leaders are facing. The case will be developed by Deloitte, and teams of 3-4 students work together to tackle these growing concerns and devise solutions applicable to the industry with a chance to win $1,500. The competition allows aspiring students to build soft and hard skills in several aspects of business and technology, including public speaking, building your network, and case-based learning.

We would love to see you there to showcase your abilities and receive first-hand experience in the ever-changing industries of tech and business. The TU20 community is open to everyone and your participation in it, is highly valued. So, don’t miss out, and book your tickets now for TU20 Cases!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Experiences to take away from Case Competition

  • Student engagement with technology beyond coding
  • Enabling hands-on experience for students on important social issues
  • Policy recommendations and ideas to be implemented
  • Connecting key decision making with important information in technology
  • Bringing youth and key decision makers together

Prizes That You Can Win

Prizes are awarded to teams based on their creativity and ability to justify their policy.
1st Place Overall: A grand prize of $1500 for the team that comes out on top!

2019 Winners:

First Place:  Mahbod Sabbaghi, Souvik Sil, Khrish Handa, Ritesh Therala
Second Place: Yifan Wang, Jessica Ge, Tia Maini
Third Place: Josh Samuel, Charles Chu, Sameer Usman, Ethan Hong

2019 Case Competition

Keynote Speaker

Neil Cawse – CEO of Geotab

Neil is an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur and engineer who has been founding and running his own businesses since 1992. In 2000, Neil founded Geotab Inc., which is now the largest telematics company in the world, as measured by new vehicle subscriptions being added on a yearly basis. Geotab has been voted one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Canada and has been ranked in the top 200 in North America for the last four years. Neil at heart is an engineer and this passion keeps him involved in the day-to-day engineering and design of Geotab’s systems. Neil believes that Geotab’s success stems from the company’s integrity, its forward thinking ideals and foremost the customer receiving the right solution. In 2015, Neil Cawse was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Ontario. Neil is a Contributor for the Forbes Technology Council.

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