School Chapters

Our New Chapters Program – TU20 Ventures!

This year, we are launching TU20 Ventures, a program designed to enable you to experience the journey of being an entrepreneur. During the year you will develop technical and business skills, coupled with the understanding of helping the community, collaborating on projects, fundraising, prototyping, and MUCH more!


Get an Exciting Look at Our Challenges!

Challenge 1: Understand the COVID-19 Business Landscape Using Python & Data Analytics

Throughout ventures you will learn to grab data from the internet, and extract trends using some of the foundational data analytic techniques. With these trends you will be providing a data driven recommendation to help businesses affected by COVID-19 adapt to changes brought on by the pandemic. 


Challenge 2: Helping restaurants brace for the future

In challenge 2 you will dig deeper into data science by working with datasets relating to the restaurant industry. Learn to sort, cluster and visualize data and extend your understanding of how you can find problems by looking at data.

Challenge 3: Reaching out to local businesses

Join us for the Challenge 3, where  you’ll learn key skills in entrepreneurship and sales. Your group will learn how to reach out to local businesses and discover the challenges they are facing!

Our keynote is 5:30pm on Nov 17th!

School Chapter List

We have school chapters currently in Oakville, Burlington, Missisaga and Toronto

Garth Webb

Student Chapter Leaders  – Tal,

Fridays 5PM

Iroquois Ridge

Student Chapter Leaders – Yaser, Aayaan

Thursdays 4PM

White Oaks

Hours:Student Chapter Leaders – Pranav, Fahim, Dev

Fridays 3PM


T.A Blakelock

School Chapter Leader – Reem


Abbey Park

School Chapter Leaders – Eric,  Shivangi


Upper Canada College

Student Chapter Leaders – Kevin, David

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Student Chapter Leader – Areg

Hours: Thursday 4PM

Appleby College

Student Chapter Leaders – Rhea, Madhav

Mondays 12:15-12:55PM

Oakville Trafalgar

School Chapter Leader – Shirley

Fridays 3PM


Sir John A. Macdonald

School Chapter Leader – Eric

 Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM

Notre Dame

Student Chapter Leaders -Stephen, Josh, Emma

Friday 5PM

Interested in starting a school chapter?

If you’d like to learn more about starting a chapter, contact the TU20 Chief Chapters Officer – Nicole Chen by filling out the form here.