School Chapters

Our New Chapters Program!

TU20 chapters foster ambition and inspire innovation in every intellectually curious student. By exploring different fields of technology, business & entrepreneurship, we empower youth to develop professional, transferable and industry-ready qualities to meet the high demand for skilled talents in the modern industry.

This year, we are launching TU20 Ventures, a program designed to enable you to experience the journey of being an entrepreneur. During the year you will develop technical and business skills, coupled with the understanding of helping the community, collaborating on projects, fundraising, prototyping, and MUCH more! The program is segmented into seven cases – each with a unique theme. In each case you will get a chance to learn from industry experts, who will teach you how they solve problems in their lines of work.

 Please refer to the student one-pager for more info!


Get an Exciting Look at Our Cases!

Case 1: Understand the COVID-19 Business Landscape Using Python & Data Analytics

Throughout ventures you will learn to grab data from the internet, and extract trends using some of the foundational data analytic techniques. With these trends you will be providing a data driven recommendation to help businesses affected by COVID-19 adapt to changes brought on by the pandemic. 


Case 2: Help the Restaurant Industry Brace for the Future

Case 3: Acquire the Tools to Become an Expert in an Industry that Interests You

Case 4: Problem → Prototype → Marketing

Case 5: Navigating the Challenges of Teamwork

Case 6: Implementing your Project

Case 7: Approach a VC for Funding

School Chapter List

We have school chapters currently in Oakville, Burlington, Missisaga and Toronto

Garth Webb

Student Chapter Leaders  – Samhith


Iroquois Ridge

Student Chapter Leaders – Anuraj, Aayaan


White Oaks

Student Chapter Leaders -Timur, Borna, Yazan

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

School Chapter Leaders – Diane and Elaine


T.A Blakelock

School Chapter Leader – Dorian


Abbey Park

School Chapter Leaders – Yash,  Taylor


William Lyon Macknzie

Student Chapter Leader  – Karen

Sheridan College

School Chapter Leader – Jackson

John Fraser

Student Chapter Leader  – Owen (starting soon)

Upper Canada College

Student Chapter Leader – Kevin Han 

Craig Kielburger

Student Chapter Leaders  – Haashim, Muizz


Student Chapter Leader – Muqueeth (starting soon)

Aldershot School

School Chapter Leader – accepting applications.


Dr. Frank J. Hayden

Student Chapter Leaders – accepting applications.

Interested in starting a school chapter?

If you’d like to learn more about starting a chapter, contact the TU20 Chief Chapters Officer – Nicole Chen by filling out the form here.