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Have you ever had an idea or project you wanted to build, but didn’t know where to start? We’ve launched the TU20 fellowship to get projects off the drawing board and into real life over a 6 week period. Apply for the 2019 Fellowship and take a look at our inaugural class of 2018.

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Want to be apart of the 2019 Fellowship? If you have an idea for a project you want to build over the summer, this is a great opportunity to get a $1000 funding and to work with a mentor to get your project off the ground. You can apply individually or with a friend! The registration closes on June 29th; make sure to apply before then!

2018 TU20 Fellows 

Ansar Khan

“My name is Ansar Khan, and I will start studying Electrical Engineering at University of Waterloo this fall (class of 2023). I am really passionate for technology and finding a way to leverage its power for everyone. I have an interest for both the hardware and software side of tech. This passion allowed me to be the team captain of my high school robotics team throughout grade 11 and 12, leading our team to be provincial semi finalists this year. Apart from the technical side, I am also a huge football fan and have been playing since I was in grade 4.”

Dean Louizos

“My name is Dean Louizos and I will be going to McMaster University for Health Sciences in the fall. I have a great interest in science and mathematics and regularly compete in various contests, scoring in the top ten percent in Canada for physics. Aside from academics, I have been doing competitive dancing for many years and have a strong passion for the arts.”

Project: App for Diagnosing BPPV

BPPV (or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) occurs when there is a disruption to the normal flow of fluid in the semicircular canals of the inner ear. This could be caused by injury to the head or simply by a calcification moving through the fluid in the inner ear, making BPPV one of the primary causes of vertigo.

The app will look at the movement of the pupils of a patient after a health care professional has attempted to induced vertigo. Based on these movements, it will be able to tell whether or not the patient has BPPV and if they have it, it can locate which part of the inner ear is affected. Our app will be used mostly by doctors but could also be used by nurses at old age homes, as the elderly tend to suffer from BPPV more frequently than the young.


Shusil Shapkota

“My name is Shusil Shapkota and I am enrolled in Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo, starting this fall. I’ve been programming for over three years, mostly in Java and HTML, but I also know a bit of Swift and C#. Using this knowledge, I came 3rd in the 2018 Halton Hackathon, was the lead Android developer of SOLTA, and have made few applications such as Classroom clone, Kinematics calculator, and Students tracker. Besides my programming experience, I am also a soccer player, a black belt in Taekwondo, and I was a member of the CKSS Spartans Robotics.”


Parmeet Singh

“My name is Parmeet Singh, I am 17 years old and I am currently enrolled at the University of Toronto, studying Life Sciences. I have excelled in academics at my school achieving the honor roll all four years, and have completed the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM). In particular, I have always enjoyed the fields of science and technology, and especially how they are shaping our future, and as such I have been a 4-year member of the school robotics team, and have actively taken all science, math, and computing courses offered at our school. I primarily have experience with user interface app design and Java. I am fascinated by the study of medicine which I hope to pursue in the future, however, I know the importance of technology and the role it plays in medical community; which is why I want to use my technical skills and my passion for science to create a practical app which will help society as a whole.”

Project: Pillmate

The project we are working on is an Android application which we have named Pillmate. It is a smart medication reminder app suited for anyone that wishes to get reminders, track habits, see progress, search information, and organize their medicines. In detail, it allows users to set pills, med refill, and various appointment reminders, also allowing them to look up their drugs in case they want more information.

Calvin Mozola

“My name is Calvin Mozola and I have just graduated from Craig Kielburger Secondary School and will be heading off to Ryerson in September for computer Science. I enjoy working with technology and have been apart of my school FIRST™ robotics club for all 4 years of high school.”

Project: City Visualization Tool


Sponsored by Geotab


My project is a web tool that will assist city planners through data visualizations of idling areas, road hazards, and parking location. This information will help city planners make more informed decision to protect the environment by reducing idling time and safer road by identifying and fixing hazards.

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