Learn2GetHired 2020 was a great experience for a multitude of reasons; From the intuitive workshops to the interviews, the event was crafted together extraordinarily to provide students a memorable learning experience. Many enjoyed the workshops throughout the first day. The resume workshop in particular was helpful since it’s a skill everyone will need when entering the workforce. The skills we were able to build upon are crucial and all of the students involved were able to find the experience beneficial. Speaking to older students, mentors and experienced employees was also a fantastic networking experience. Being able to network and learn from like-minded individuals is always amazing. The event shifted my perspective on the future because I was introduced to multiple different career opportunities in the tech and business worlds that I wasn’t aware existed. The question period with the mentors and workshop facilitators was also very helpful because we were able to have a casual yet focused conversation. My personal biggest takeaway was being introduced to the different opportunities available out there because as I mentioned before, myself and others didn’t know about some of the various routes we could take in our careers. The event may have been virtual, but it was organized well and offered everyone a worthwhile opportunity. Now it’s time to apply what we learned to further ourselves.