Hello all, I’m a second year software engineering student at Western University. Last summer, I had the privilege of interning at VL OMNI through the Tech Under 20 Co-op Program. VL OMNI is a leading data integrator, helping merchants move data through their infrastructure. My project was to implement a real-time business intelligence solution to provide merchants with the relevant information to make informed decisions. I enjoyed my work at VL OMNI, I learned a lot and found my work meaningful. The culture at VL OMNI is innovative and friendly. Although an established company with over 25 years pedigree, I would describe VL OMNI’s culture as like a start-up in the best ways. The entire team is passionate about their work and always there to support one another. VL OMNI is focused on delivering exceptional product and service to their customers and this commitment to excellence carries through to how they treat their interns. The founders, Robin and Scott, were particularly supportive and were personally involved in the on-boarding process. Through my summer at VL OMNI, I learned significantly more about efficient big data storage and how to leverage AWS to build a data pipeline. 

The hiring process was well-organized and efficient thanks to Tech Under 20 (TU20). The process started with sending in a resume and filling out a short form with a few behavioral questions. TU20 selected qualified applicants and sent their application to their network of companies. TU20 was prompt in their selection and kept everyone up-to-date through the entire process. TU20 was supportive, they provided feedback and hosted resume and interview tip sessions. From the pre-screened applications, each company selected a couple of applicants to interview. Everyone at the on-site was friendly.

Overall, I highly recommend the Tech Under 20 Co-op program and VL OMNI as a great learning experience. My advice to those applying for the TU20 co-op programs or looking for an internship in general is to take initiative and focus on learning rather than the result.