Join us at the TU20 Case Competition!

TU20’s Case Competition brings students together to learn about major issues that organizations are currently facing, and come up with creative solutions.

This year comes with a few changes as it will be held remotely and will be in written format. Some exciting new aspects are that TU20 will be working with charitable organizations to create a few applicable real-life cases, and students will get the chance to come up with a written proposal to be submitted to the organizations’ stakeholders. Winners will get to work closely with these organizations for a mini-internship to implement potential solutions based on the real cases, and make their impact.

Date & Time: 9am – 6pm, November 21, 2020,  

More details to follow!

Learning Experience

  • Student engagement with technology beyond coding
  • Enabling hands-on experience for students on important social issues
  • Policy recommendations and ideas to be implemented

Important Skills

  • Connecting key decision making with important information in technology
  • Bringing youth and key decision makers together


Prizes are awarded to teams based on their creativity and ability to justify their policy.

1st Place Overall: A grand prize of $1500 for the team that comes out on top!

2019 Winners:

First Place:  Mahbod Sabbaghi, Souvik Sil, Khrish Handa, Ritesh Therala

Second Place: Yifan Wang, Jessica Ge, Tia Maini

Third Place: Josh Samuel, Charles Chu, Sameer Usman, Ethan Hong