$10,000 in Prizes and Internship Opportunities!

Create a product. Pitch to judges. Sell your vision.

The TU20 Cup is a two-month event with a two day competition in early March. The goal is to help youth to not only see the intersection of business, entrepreneurship and technology but also to implement their ideas within the community. Teams of 2-6 students will work together with the help of mentors to create a solution using technology relating to building resilient communities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to launch a project
  • Working with customers to find their concerns
  • Rapid Prototyping and Software Development
  • Practical skills from amazing mentors and speakers

Join the community, and make some friends!

Meet the judges – the experts in the field.

Pitch your ideas, and become an entrepreneur!

Compete for prizes and the chance to get your ideas into the market!

2021 Winners!


1st Place: Surplus

2nd Place: Aperio

3rd Place: Moomatic

Top Junior: Volunteerz

Top Tech: Lokal

Top Community: Volo

” This was my third time participating in the TU20 Cup, although this year was different. With the cup being moved to an online format, there was some concern that the experience would be different this year, but those concerns were allayed as I was still able to gain the same experience as every other year. I was still able to meet new people, work with amazing mentors & friends, and learn a variety of skills through the participating cup. “

Yaser Nossibeh - 3x Cup Participant, 2021 2nd Place

“My experience with TU20 was novel and interesting, as it pushed me to work on new things I had no prior experience with, such as creating a wireframe and prototyping. Throughout the TU20 Cup, I had to think from many different perspectives of users, administrators, business partners, investors, and more. All in all, I learnt to pace my work, create refined products that appealed to customers and approach a situation from a business perspective. “