Inspiring the Next Generation of Youth & Technology

March 2, 2019 | 10:00am – 4:30pm | Sheridan College

Create a product. Pitch to Judges. Sell your vision.

The TU20 cup is back! Join us for Halton’s most exciting student tech entrepreneurship competition of the year put on by Silicon Halton’s Tech Under Twenty. We have 30 teams of 120 students competing to Capture the Cup!

The TU20 Cup is a multi-month event focused on motivating youth to get involved with technology and business. Teams of 2-6 students will work with the help of a mentor to innovate a solution using technology relating to the yearly theme, in advance to the day of the event.

Purchase Spectator Tickets Here!

Registration to compete in the TU20 Cup has officially closed. However, we are offering spectator tickets for you to watch the TU20 Cup finals for free!


Location: Sheridan College Oakville Campus – J-Wing & Student Center

RoomStart TimeEnd TimeSession
JSM*8:00am9:30 amJudges Evaluate Business Plans
Marquee9:00am9:30amCompetitor Registration & Breakfast
Auditorium9:30am10:00amOpening Keynote
Auditorium10:00am10:30amLogistics – Judging Criteria – Judges Introductions
Auditorium10:30am2:15pmPitches Round 1
Pitch Room A10:30am2:15pmPitches Round 1
Pitch Room B10:30am2:15pmPitches Round 1
Middle Room10:30am12:00pmChillout Zone
Tech Area 1**10:30am2:15pmTech Interviews
Tech Area 2**10:30am2:15pmTech Interviews
Tech Area 3**10:30am2:15pmTech Interviews
Middle Room12:00pm2:30pmCompany Booths
Auditorium2:30pm4:15pmFinal Pitches (Top 6)
Auditorium4:15pm4:45pmLightning Talks
Pitch Room A4:15pm4:45pmJudges Deliberate
Auditorium4:45pm5:00pmClosing Ceremonies – Winners Announced
JSM*10:30am5:00pmArea for Judges, Sponsors and Mentors to Relax

*Judges, Sponsors, Mentors Lounge

**In Marquee Booths

$15,000 To Start Your Tech Business

This year we are partnering with the Oakville Community Foundation (OCF) to empower students to start a business focused on addressing youth issues. After building your prototype and business plan, winners of the TU20 Cup will receive a $15,000 contract from a local charitable organization to turn their prototype into a real life product and start their own business!

OCF 2018 Youth Report

Over the past year, OCF has been gathering key information to create a modern youth report to get a snap shot of the lives of youth in Oakville and North Halton. The report highlights concerns and opportunities that the community should work address, such as Oakville having a higher poverty rate than the Regional average.

The report is a great place to get started in identifying youth issues and to further explore your areas of interest. Our goal is to solve a number of key problems in our community with ingenuity of the next generation.

Highlights from the 2018 TU20 Cup

Join the community, and make some friends!

Pitch your ideas, and become an entrepreneur!

Meet the judges – the experts in the field.

Compete for prizes and the chance to get your ideas into the market!

Key Steps

1)  Sign up on Eventbrite

2) After signing up, register your team using our team registration form

3) Get matched with a Mentor

4) Select an Organization with Charitable Status (There are more than you think)

5) Understand the key issues that you are trying to address and the problems your charitable organization is facing

6) Work with your team, mentor to build a prototype and business plan

7) Attend in person and online workshops

8) Create a 5 minute pitch and business plan to sell your vision

9) Present on March 2nd 2018 to a panel of judges

10) Enjoy the event, meet your peers, learn about the Next Generation and enjoy the pitches!

Prizes That You Can Win

1st Place OverallCourtesy of the Oakville Community Foundation, the winning team will receive a $15,000 contract via their charity partner! The OCF will make a donation to team’s charity partner and the charity will award the money to the team via contract to launch the product in real life! 

Runner-up prizes will be announced as the date approaches!

* All competitors must be 20 years or younger as of September 1, 2018 to qualify for any prizes.

** To be eligible for the top prize, students must work with a charity doing active and direct work in the Oakville community


Sheridan College | 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON

Date and Time

Saturday, March 2, 2019 | 10:00am – 4:30pm


Registration to compete is officially closed. Spectator tickets are available for you to watch the finals of the Cup for free!


What happens if I don’t have a team?

Don’t worry we’ll match you with other competitors to form a team!

If my selected charitable organization is located outside of Oakville, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, but you must demonstrate that funding will be used for activities that directly support and serve Oakville. Halton-based projects and charities are eligible  

When will I be matched with my mentor?
We will be matching teams and mentors from mid December – Early January, stay tuned!

When will judging criteria be released?

We will be releasing high level judging criteria in early January.

Can I use previous projects or ideas?

You can definitely use ideas from the past! However, since any startup should be problem/customer centric, you should make sure you have identified a good problem and begin doing interviews with your charity of choice to make sure you are solving a real problem.

What would be an example problem?

Problems should be based from the Youth Report, an example being that 24% of secondary students show medium-depression. Using this information students should try to figure out why is this the case. Is this due to a lack of friends, is this due to social media anxiety, is this due to bullying? By asking these core questions more specific problems will show up that you will be able to address with your project.

What resources will be available to me during the project?

You will be assigned a mentor who will meet with you 4 times to guide you through your project. You will also be contacted with a Charity mentor (from your charity of choice) who will help you navigate the charitable landscape and explain some of the issues that charity is facing.

In addition we will be having online workshops that will help guide you in each step of your project!

If I have a charity I would like to create a project for, how do I indicate this?

This is great! As long as they meet the eligibility criteria, then you can connect with them directly and just let us know who you are working with.

Connect With Us

We are a supportive and helpful tech/business community of youth under the age of 20. We are a division of Silicon Halton
– the grassroots technology community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in Halton.

Use the form below to submit your contact information and get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can send us an email at techundertwenty[at]gmail[dot]com