Every TU20 event is made successful by several contributing members. The TU20 executive team, the attendees, community partners and sponsors. We recently hosted our first annual Policy in Technology event and wanted to highlight our key sponsors who made the event possible. Each sponsor has contributed in their own way, helping hundreds of students learn to become successful in the modern technological space. A key player for TU20 over the past 12 months would be MTechHub. During 2018’s TU20 Cup, MTechHub gave out Raspberry Pi Starter kits to all TU20 Chapters with participating members, allowing each chapter to learn more each week. Just recently they sponsored Policy in Technology, an event about AI and the problems that come along with it. Almost 30 students worked for over two hours on a case study, working hard towards the grand prize of $1500, which was partially contributed to by MTechHub.

MTechHub hasn’t just been supporting students of TU20 over the year, they’ve also been helping many Small-Medium Enterprises get ahead of today’s volatile market. Their goal is to improve productivity in the workplace and help them accomplish the difficult task of adopting standardized work. Industries are moving towards a more automated and digital way of manufacturing, and along with it comes the need to retrain employees with newer methods required to keep production functioning and profitable. SMEs frequently don’t have the time or experience to develop and test new methods all the time. MTechHub works with these SMEs and provides them with best practices and methods to greatly improve productivity in their workplace. They partner with many different manufactures and work with them to develop best practices for productivity. Right now, MTechHub has over 400 partners developing and sharing new best-practices from all different sectors of the industry. They also work to test and evaluate each and every method in order to ensure it meets their standards and to be certain they have truly picked the best method they could.

MTechHub also provides an Adoption Index. Using the Index, enterprises can ascertain where they are in terms of adoption compared to other industry leaders. The index can also help companies determine an upgrade path, as it highlights areas of need, so companies can quickly and easily fix any productivity issues they are facing. MTechHub’s story starts a few years back, when they noticed that many SMEs were “reinventing the wheel” to keep up with today’s automated industries. Not only was this a waste of time and money, but it wouldn’t always be done right. Backed by industry leaders Microsoft, Scotiabank and Dell among others, they devised a plan to create a “best of breed” kind of system, and so far they seem to be doing quite well at accomplishing their mission. Throughout the years, MTechHub has played an essential support role for both their SMEs and Tech Under Twenty, and we’d like to thank them for their support of the past month. Thanks to them, many businesses can thrive in this day and age and TU20 can make a greater impact in our community.


     Taylor Whatley
   Abbey Park High School