Hired: Employers

“TU20 is a goldmine for talent” – Past Employer

TU20 Hired is a two-day event that provides an opportunity for businesses to hire exceptional youth in their community. We have chosen the top 30 students from our community to participate in this event. The goal of the event is to allow students to learn about careers and gain experience interviewing, while also giving employers a firsthand experience of what
our students are capable of.

Day 1: 

This day is focused on learning and understanding what careers are out there and what skills are important to scoring a job. For this day we require career mentors within technology or business industries.

Day 2: 

This day is focused on the hiring process. Employers will do several rounds of speed interviews giving feedback immediately regarding the interview and the student’s resume. Get access to our roster of talented students and potentially make a hire. For this day we require interviewers and employers.


    “We heavily rely on TU20 for referrals.”

    “I’ve never had a student accomplish this much!”

    Past Partners