TU20 Membership

What is it?

TechUnderTwenty is devoted to helping students develop skills in business, technology, and entrepreneurship. We wouldn’t be able to exist if it weren’t for our members.

To show our appreciation, we are introducing two packages that are available for anyone to purchase that lower your prices for events and provide you with exclusive benefits and opportunities. The TU20 Membership and TU20 Membership Plus are designed by youth for you(th).

A simpler way to become part of our community with more benefits…

As a membership owner you will have:
– Discounts for all events
– Access to exclusive events hosted by TechUnderTwenty or SiliconHalton
– Access to more resources to build your network
– Cast your vote on TechUnder initiatives such as the theme for the TechUnderTwenty Cup

Once you become a member, you will recieve an exclusive and modern digital membership card that belongs only to you.

TU20 Membership Benefits

TU20 Meet and Greet with TU20 Alumni


Access to TU20 Resources (Curriculum, Special Recruitment, Career Mentorship)


Exclusive TU20 Networking Opportunities


20% off Events for Life


50% off for the 2019/2020 year