We are reaching the point in the year in which students from all fields are applying to companies for summer internships. For students, the benefits of a high skill summer job is obvious. It’s now time to address the companies – why should companies hire students?


Students are incredibly enthusiastic as they are relatively new to their fields. They are often eager to learn and come to work with enthusiasm and high energy.

Long-term Assets

After students graduate, they will often look for full time employment. If companies hire students for summer internships, they can polish their skills so that they can be potential long-term employees for the company.

Diversity of Ideas

Students are still in the learning process and can bring in new ideas that they are learning from professionals in their schools. This can bring new ideas to your company which can ultimately help in the long run. They also have grown up in a different time – with newer technology and an increased presence of social media – which also provides a unique perspective.


Students are still in the learning process, so they are used to overcoming challenges regularly with their assignments and schoolwork. Therefore, they will be accustomed to overcoming issues and will be more persistent.

Paying it Forward

At some point in everyone’s careers, someone has taken a chance on you. Hiring students is a good opportunity to give back and inspire new students to enter the field.

Companies should definitely look to hire more students if they are looking for creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm. There are countless benefits to hiring new, inspired minds which can help a company further itself.

Ready to Hire? – Introducing The TU20 Summer Coop Program

TU20 has launched a new Coop program this year aimed at connecting University students to Local Employers. We have a strong cohort of students with skills in technology, business and graphic design who can make an immediate impact at your company.  The cost to participating in the program for employers is $99 + HST.

Examples of Student Positions We’re Looking For:

Software Development. Data Science, Marketing, Graphic Design, B2B Sales, Finance

Application Deadline Jan 17th

By January 17th, employers need to submit their applications to confirm their participation in the program. Once completed, the profiles of the students will be shared and employers may schedule interviews with them during our Interview Day. If a company needs recommendations on who to interview, we can provide job description and candidate matching.

Interviewing day – Jan 25 – 10:30 am – 4pm – Location: TechPlace

On Jan 25th we will be bringing students and employers together. We will have 30 minute time slots for each interview, whether on-site or video call. Employers will be able to select their preferred candidates after the interviews.


Once employers have found a match, they are free to contact the students directly, cc-ing the TU20 email. At this point negotiations and logistics of employment are between the employer and student. 

Sign up closes soon, don’t miss out!