About Us

Tech Under Twenty hopes to create, inspire and innovate the Halton community. By providing opportunities to youth under the ages of 20, we are able to provide an essential foundation of how to be successful in not only technology, but business and entrepreneurship fields as well. By being part of Tech Under Twenty, you will become a leader and apart of a technological movement in our community.

Our main goals are to engage students ages 15 – 20 to contribute to the growth the tech community in Halton Region. By supporting youth innovation in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and beyond, we are allowing them to grasp a better understanding of their interests, and maximize their learning potential. By building projects in tech spaces alongside mentors and other industry leads, you are able to make your technology dreams a reality. By being apart of Tech Under Twenty, you are able to network, connect with like-minded peers and hopefully, get employment.



TU20 Chapters allow students to engage with business, entrepneurship and technology opportunities directly in within their school. 


TU20 runs 4 large scale events throughout the year which offer students a wide range of opportunities. The events focus on exploring industries/careers, learning technology, business and entrepreneurial skills and implementing ideas/skills in the community.


TU20 programs offer smaller, more individualised opportunities to students who have specific wants and interests. This allows us to fill in gaps that we see in the world and continually provide new and exciting opportunities for students. 

Our Partners and Sponsors

Innovative companies who have sponsored us to help us succeed