TU20 is officially opening our applications for the TU20 HIRED 2022!

We’re looking for passionate students to join our team! If you or someone you know is interested in getting leadership experience, working with companies, organizing events and more check out our application.


On Day 1 (November 27) you will:
-Learn about how to build a personal brand
-Learn how to market effectively both in-person and online to get the best opportunities you can
-Have a personal resume one-on-one session to have a professional review your resume
-Hear personally from our professional speakers about how to get ahead in the workforce and job search

On Day 2 (November 28) you will:
-Practice your interview skills with real employers and professionals and have a chance at being hired for a real job/internship
-Network with companies and like-minded peers

The deadline to apply is November 17th, but successful candidates will be contacted regarding further information and sign-up info about the event on a rolling basis.