Our Events

TU20 Expo

Learn all about technology at the TU20 Expo. By listening to leading industry professionals speak about emerging technology, you can further yourself in the field. Meet and network with others who are also interested in technology and its astounding applications in society. 

TU20 Cases

The TU20 Case Competition is a one-day event that offers students a unique opportunity to explore the biggest issues today’s tech leaders are facing. The competition allows aspiring students to build soft and hard skills in several aspects of business and technology, including public speaking, building your network, and case-based learning.

TU20 Cup

With the TU20 Cup, you are given the opportunity to develop and pitch your product to a panel of judges. Work over the duration of months, alongside a team and mentor to discover all aspects of your idea. Compete for a cash prize to fund your innovation.

TU20 Hired

With TU20 Hired, you are able to interact and talk with employers from large technology companies in your area. You have the opportunity to network and potentially get a job! Hear from speakers working in a number of different fields of business and technology on career opportunities.