TU20 Events



TU20 offers a wide variety of events for students in the Halton region.  Our events include C3 Conference, Policy in Technology, TU20 Cup, TU20 Social and Learn 2 Get Hired.

Event Timeline

C3 Conference




September 22, 2018




Learn all about technology at the C3 Conference. By listening to leading industry professionals speak about emerging technology, you can further yourself in the field. Meet and network with others who are also interested in technology and its astounding applications in society. 

Policy in Technology




November 17, 2018




With the Policy in Technology Case study, you have the ability to research the ethics of certain trending technology topics. Learn about the real-life applications, negatives and positives of technology and how exactly it plays a role in our society. 

TU20 Cup




March 2, 2019




With the TU20 Cup, you are given the opportunity to develop and pitch your product to a panel of judges. Work over the duration of months, alongside a team and mentor to discover all the aspects of your idea. You are truly given a sense of the business and especially entrepreneurship fields. Compete for a cash prize of $15,000 to fund your innovation. 

TU20 Social




April 12, 2019




With the TU20 Social, you are able to relax, play board games, and network and meet new people in your area. Talk to youth similar in your age who are also interested in technology and business and chat over some snacks! This relaxing event is a great way to meet new people and bond over some fun. 

Learn 2 Get Hired




May 28 + June 1, 2019




With Learn 2 Get Hired, you are able to interact and talk with employers from large technology companies in your area. You have the opportunity to network and potentially get a job! Hear from speakers working in a number of different fields of business and technology on career opportunities.