Hired: Students

Are You A Halton Student Between 14 & 20 Years Of Age?

Are you a Halton student between 15 and 20 years of age looking for a  job? Looking to learn the ins and outs of landing a job from recruiters, employers and students who were in your shoes? We’ve got a great two-day program to help you learn how to get hired!

Day 1: 

  • – Learn what job opportunities are available in tech, business, finance and more
  • Understand what companies look for in candidates and how they review resumes — and what makes you stand out
  • Get guidance on how to network — both in person and through LinkedIn
  • Hear advice and experiences from various speakers and panelists in the workforce.

Day 2: 

  • Practice your interview skills and how to pitch yourself to 5-10 employers and have a shot at scoring a internship!
  • Network with local companies and with your peers through breakout rooms

Learn what job what job opportunities are available in the tech sector (hint: definitely not all coding jobs).

Understand how companies review resumes – and what makes them pay attention.
Get clear guidance on how to network – both in person and on social media.

Learn how to create your unique pitch and practice delivering it to Halton tech companies in a comfortable environment.

Grow your network with local tech companies that hire and meet peers that you could work with on interesting projects.

Ask the questions you would like to know the answers to in our new exclusive student and interview panel.

“In the summer of 2018 I attended Tech Under Twenty Hired, and ended up connecting with the founder of a local mobile startup, Kidictive. I got hired to develop mobile video games for them that summer, and it was one of the most influential experiences in high school. It gave me integral work and interview experience I still use to this day.”

Timur Khayrullin

“I enjoyed how this event gave me the chance to learn and grow. Additionally, I enjoyed learning how to best pitch yourself and how to convey your experiences. Also all the mentors had so much experience. All seemed very young (that’s a great thing!). Since we’re young we can relate to them really easily”


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