Tech Under Twenty hopes to:

  • Get students involved in the Halton tech community
  • Develop your foundation of knowledge on how to be successful in tech
  • Help you become a student leader


Our main goals are to engage students ages 15 – 20 to:

  • Contribute to grow your tech community in Halton Region
  • Develop a better understanding of your interests, goals, and potential career paths in tech
  • Build passion projects in the tech space you are proud of
  • Meet amazing people aligned with your goals and are focused on changing the world for the better
  • Work on and get a better understanding of an area of interest
  • Turn the idea into a piece of work you are proud of and could possibly commercialize
  • Build a strong professional network
  • Get summer employment

We are looking for people that:

  • Are people and community focused
  • Are eager to learn from all … peers and mentors
  • Understand the importance of tech
  • Demonstrate the importance of persistence and long term thinking
  • Want to grow themselves

We do this by

  • Recruiting students to run school chapters that develop tech ecosystems within schools
  • Holding a C3 Workshop that kicks of our year by highlighting who we are and what we are planning for the upcoming
  • Running the TU20 Cup that gets teams building and pitching a team tech project
  • Running the TU20 Workshop & Pitch Night that helps students understand and build the skills they need to get a job in technology

If you are:

  • A rockstar coder looking to form a team that’s ready to build the next google
  • A budding engineer looking to build the next generation of inventions
  • A graphic designer looking to inspire the community with your work
  • A marketer looking to learn know the ins and outs of selling
  • A student who’s ready to immerse themselves in the tech community

Connect With Us

We are a supportive and helpful tech/business community of youth under the age of 20. We are a division of Silicon Halton
– the grassroots technology community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in Halton.