Learn to Get Hired was a two-day event covering the fundamentals of successful interviewing. On the first day of the event, we had business leaders present about how to self-promote and how to create an effective resume. Additionally, we had the opportunity to discuss various business and technology-related topics with experienced business professionals. This first day was fulfilling because it drove home the message of how one should present themselves to come across as an appealing hire and teammate.  Also, the resume presentation was hugely beneficial because it outlined, in detail, the formatting that goes into making an effective resume and how one should consider the order of information. Following the first day, we had a week to prepare for our blitz interviews, where we were tasked with doing eight 10-minute interviews with professionals from various companies and markets. The second day was particularly useful because it gave us insight into how one needs to specifically customize their resume and choice of words to align with whomever they are meeting. Before this event, I did not fully comprehend the importance of aligning yourself with the person and company you are interviewing with; however, through the various interviews and the advice of the professionals, the value of aligning oneself became evident. My favorite part of the event overall was the chance to get interview practice. This practice was my favorite part of the event because teenagers often have had minimal experience with interviews, which can be quite nerve-racking. This event helped me develop confidence in my interviewing skills as well as my interpersonal skills in the business realm, both of which I believe are valuable assets. Overall, Learn to Get Hired was a great experience to learn more about the interview process and an opportunity to practice interviewing with professionals from around Ontario. The event was extremely valuable, and I believe anyone who attends it will feel far more confident in their ability to interview afterward successfully.