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Why Companies Should Hire Students

We are reaching the point in the year in which students from all fields are applying to companies for summer internships. For students, the benefits of a high skill summer job is obvious. It’s now time to address the companies – why should companies hire students?...

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TU20 2018 in review

DENYS LINKOV TU20 Lead  For us at TU20, a year marks 5-7% of our lives which is quite remarkable. But, rather than just being a percentage, a year is an opportunity to become wise, kinder and more thoughtful. This is our second annual review to share many memories...

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TU20 Highlight: Burlington Economic Development

Preparing for the TU20 Cup was not easy. It required lots of paperwork, lots of physical labor and lots of guidance and input that made the event as exciting as it was. In the end, the question remained, "Exactly what problems are we trying to solve?" With the help...

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TU20 Highlight: MTechHub

Every TU20 event is made successful by several contributing members. The TU20 executive team, the attendees, community partners and sponsors. We recently hosted our first annual Policy in Technology event and wanted to highlight our key sponsors who made the event...

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2018 TU20 Policy in Technology Recap

Nov 19th: This weekend we hosted our inaugural TU20 Policy in Technology competition. 30 students from 5 different high schools competed in a 3 hour case competition focused on trying to find problems and solutions with AI. Our theme focused on the "Future of Work"...

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Building A Wildfire Sim Robot

"Over 8000 fires occur each year, and burn an average of 2.1 million hectares in Canada alone. Our robot could help in the simulation and detection of forest fires." The project that we have been working on for the last few months is essentially a computer program...

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